For Residents

Natural gas is one of the most efficient, convenient and popular means for home heating. Gas heating appliances are economical, durable and long lasting, and the maintenance is low-cost. Natural gas is not just for home heating: this fuel is used to prepare food, in refrigeration plants, air conditioners, clothes dryers, fireplaces, saunas, for heating swimming pools, for outdoor illumination, etc.

By becoming Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas customer you will benefit from:

  • Saving energy and paying just for the consumed gas;
  • Convenient temperature control in your rooms according to you needs and comfort;
  • Avoiding the worry of purchasing and storing fuel reserves in advance;
  • Cooking your food quickly and tastily and spending less money on that;
  • Saving money by paying less for heating and hot water.

You can become our customer in any of the Gilė customer service centers.

Connecting to the grid

If you do not have the connection to the gas grid, please submit an application and other necessary documents to the distribution network operator ESO. You can find all relevant information here.

Later you will need to sign a connection contract and pay a deposit. Once the gas connection is in place, you will be able to sign the necessary documents, order the launch of the gas flow and conclude a supply contract with Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas.

Prices for private customers from July 1 to December 31, 2018:

Customer group Natural gas consumption per calendar year Monthly payment, in euro (VAT included) Gas price, €/m³ (VAT included)
I up to 500 m³ 0.56 0.59
II from 501 m³ to 20,000 m³ 3.99 0.39
III more than 20,000 m³ 3.99 0.38