For Business

Natural gas is the cleanest, most convenient and efficient energy source for businesses in Lithuania, which is used by many large enterprises and industry. Our customers in Lithuania are provided with a secure and uninterrupted supply at favourable conditions and reasonable pricing.

To our clients in Lithuania, we offer a full package of services that enables them:

  • Avoid the need to administer separate contracts with gas distribution and gas transmission operators;
  • Have flexible supply and balancing terms;
  • Cut unscheduled capacities’ peaks costs, since we have attractive transmission service terms;
  • Conveniently declare gas consumption by internet: it will suffice to supply the information once a month, and once you have activated a remote meter reading system, the process continues automatically;
  • Avoid additional excise collection compliance duties (introduced at the beginning of 2016) – we will take care of that;
  • Save time on accounting, since you will get just one bill (invoice) for all services associated with supply of natural gas.

How to become our customer:

  • E-mail a completed application form to and you will promptly receive a gas supply offer optimally tailored to your needs;
  • Depending on your rate of consumption and other conditions, we will offer you gas supply terms that are ideally suited to your needs. Contracts are made for the calendar year;
  • A gas supply contract can also be made at any Gilė client service center in the five largest cities of Lithuania;
  • If you have any questions or require additional information, please call our contact center at 1802 (or +370 611 21802) or complete this application form and e-mail it to